Lakeside Fit Body Testimonial

Apr 7, 2022

 by Lesa Gutenkunst

Up until a few years ago, I have always tried to be active with some type of exercise. Usually, it was just running, and then about 10 years ago, I discovered I really enjoyed bicycling.  I became part of a group that did regular rides together. About 4 years ago that all ended when we had a life-changing event that caused us to rearrange our lifestyle and our priorities. I used these changes as an excuse to stop biking and running, claiming I didn't have time. I just didn't feel like it anymore.

Last summer a good friend told me all about Lakeside Fit Body Boot Camp. I sort of listened and was a little interested. I was never one to go to gyms, thinking I could always do it on my own. Of course, I wasn't doing it on my own and had gained 15 to 20 pounds. Last fall when I got on the scale, I was close to 200 pounds. I decided I needed to do something. I signed up for a free 7 day trial at Lakeside Fit Body.

I am so glad I did! Lesa and all of the certified trainers and team (Megan, Erin, Mary, Ashley, Franka, John and Beth) are very friendly and welcoming. This place is really for everybody -- any body type and any age! Every workout can be altered for anyone participating. The trainers will push you, but they will also recognize that not every exercise works for every person. The classes are 45 minutes of nonstop work and the time really does fly by.

What I thought would be something I would go to maybe 3 or 4 times a week has turned into 6 days a week. I have so much energy and feel so much better about myself after every workout. I joined Lakeside in November of 2021 and I have added some muscle, which is not easy at 62 years old. I have lowered my body fat and blood sugar. Currently, I weigh 179 pounds -- down about 20 since early fall of last year. 

I am very glad I was turned on to Lakeside Fit Body. It is something I really needed in my life and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a healthier lifestyle.